Technology decisions are more complex today than ever before. New digital technologies are disrupting existing industries and creating new ones — offering organisations new opportunities, but also new risks.

Organisations must rethink how they operate and assess their technology and how it adds value.

As organisations become increasingly dependent on IT, there is growing recognition that Directors need to be across all aspects of technology strategy, risk and governance.

DirectorTech is your quarterly advisory covering an array of technology issues facing organisations, government and society. Each advisory (a combination of written research and interactive webinar) will contain practical, thought-provoking information placing you at the forefront of technology trends and issues.

Improve your knowledge of the technology landscape, enhance your skills as a director and increase the bottom line of the organisation you govern.

Increase your understanding of:

  • Trends and issues in technology and disruption;
  • Cyber threats facing organisations;
  • Why IT governance is critical to business survivability;
  • What questions to ask — and what answers to expect.

DirectorTech subscriptions are now available