Technology is transforming organisations faster than ever before, so understanding it is vital. But most technology-related news is written by technologists for technologists, and in the rush of the continuous news cycle there’s little time to reflect.

DirectorTech intends to address that. We’re stepping back to reflect. We’ll look back at some of the key technology stories, and dig into them to highlight their lessons for company directors — in the language of company directors.

After all, company directors have a responsibility to inform themselves, so they can make the big decisions about the strategy, risk and governance of technology in their organisation.

Enthusiasm for the opportunities afforded by new technologies has to be balanced by a sober analysis of the potential risks, and that understanding has to adapt to changing circumstance. As our analysis of Australia’s 2016 Census debacle describes, there were many technological failures, but overarching was a breakdown of project management.

Good technology governance is also vital. That’s enabled by the board, working with senior executives to establish strategies, structures, policies and processes for managing the technology. The aim is to improve business process, and therefore business results.

The  Victorian Government’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission’s inquiry into the state’s failed Ultranet project shows what happens when governance breaks down: corruption and $180 million down the drain.

Moving business processes into the cloud and providing mobile access can mean increased agility and massive cost savings,  but it also can also make it harder to detect and resolve security breaches. Meanwhile, the average financial impact of data breaches is increasing.  Information security, a task that was once delegated to the IT staff, has now become a strategic issue. Failure can ruin organisations.

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