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Technology is transforming organisations faster than ever before, so understanding it is vital. But most technology-related news is written by technologists for technologists, and in the rush of the continuous news cycle there’s little time to reflect.

DirectorTech intends to address that. We’re stepping back to reflect. We’ll look back at some of the key technology stories, and dig into them to highlight their lessons for company directors — in the language of company directors.

After all, company directors have a responsibility to inform themselves, so they can make the big decisions about the strategy, risk and governance of technology in their organisation.

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DirectorTech 001 PDF

Download DirectorTech 001 PDF, all the material in DirectorTech’s first Advisory, September 2017, in a single PDF.

Why data governance is so important now

In the first of a series of columns, Kate Carruthers introduces the practicalities of treating your data right. 

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Virtual Reality: the need for strategy

Businesses are already adopting VR, but Nigel Phair wonders where the strategy is.

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Governance and the sharing economy

As Nigel Phair notes, the disruption of existing business models can cause confusion.

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The business risks of artificial intelligence

If you trust a machine to make your decisions, you’d better be prepared, writes Nigel Phair.

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How Ultranet went ultra wrong 

Victoria’s ambitious education network was a spectacular failure. As Justin Warren explains, it was badly managed and riddled with corruption.

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Lessons from the Censusfail omnishambles

Poor management helps cause most of the Australian government’s recent string of technology failures. Stilgherrian says that’s often down to cultural issues.

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When algorithms turn evil: the Centrelink debacle

Computer algorithm and big data aren’t magic, says Stilgherrian. They simply implement their creator’s view of the world, whether it’s right or wrong. That makes using them a matter of ethics.

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Plan for your inevitable cybersecurity breach

You’ll recover faster if you’ve prepared a cybersecurity incident response plan, writes Nigel Phair. Maybe you even need a CERT.

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