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Welcome back to DirectorTech, with an update

I’m pleased to bring you DirectorTech Advisory 002, the second issue of this new initiative from the Centre for Internet Safety at the University of Canberra.

As of 22 February 2018, all existing content is now out from behind the paywall, both for issue 002, and for issue 001 from September.

Our plan is now to produce six advisories in 2018, all of them free to read. The first will be with you by Friday 2 March.

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Nigel Phair
Managing Editor

DirectorTech 002 PDF

Download DirectorTech 002 PDF, all the material in DirectorTech’s second Advisory, December 2017, in a single PDF.

Getting started with data governance

Even just thinking about setting up a data governance program can seem overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start. Kate Carruthers has some of the answers .

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How the robots wrecked advertising

What will automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics mean to businesses, and to society more broadly? It depends who you ask. Predictions range from a golden era of greater wealth through to dystopian predictions of mass unemployment and rogue machines taking over. Paul Wallbank takes a look through the prism of advertising.

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Strategic implications of automation

We’re drowning in a deluge of PR telling us that everything will soon be automated and run by AI. But as Justin Warren explains, automation isn’t always the right answer.

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The ethics of automation

As the latest wave of artificial intelligence hype washes over us, we must be mindful of the ethical considerations of how we deploy technology. The is that we’ll go too far down a dark path without realising what we’ve done. Justin Warren explains.

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The workplace law of social media

As the boundaries between corporate life and private life blur, comments employees make on social media can get them sacked, and the law seem to back up the employers. Nigel Phair highlights some recent cases before the Fair Work Commission and the courts.
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How do you put a price on cyber risk?

Australia’s new Notifiable Data Breaches laws will change the risk equation should an organisation suffer a cyber attack. Could cyber insurance help manage that risk? Nigel Phair looks at the state of the industry.

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